Green Mountain Diapers was born in early 1998. Their mission is to communicate information about cloth diapering and provide the very best of today's wonderful cloth diapering products focusing on natural fibers. They have grown in the recent years to be one of the leading natural fiber cloth diaper retailers nationwide, and have blossomed into Green Mountain Diapers Corporation. Cloth-eez by Workhorse is one of their best diapers that won a lot of awards upto now. They moved their business out of their house to the nearby Cotton Mill in 2009 and we now have 6 employees including the owners. They are still a very small business dedicated to quality service and natural fiber diapering. 
Nanay 'n' Baby would like to thank the owners of GMD for allowing us to sell cloth-eez. By right cloth-eez is only exclusive for GMD. In fact they don't do wholesale like other brands. However, with the generosity and understanding of the owners, we are able to sell this award winning products. Cloth-eez will always be in top 3 choice of cloth diapers!

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