Who is behind "The About Us?"


We always give thanks to the Lord! Regardless how sleepy we are in the morning, a simple "thank you" for giving us another life and to see the beautiful world he have given us. Our breakfast is not just about the food that we eat everyday like bacon and eggs or cereals and oat meals, sandwiches.... but listening to the word of GOD through you tube and in any help of technology today and reading one chapter of the bible is part of our breakfast. We don't only feed our physical body but we ensure that we regularly feed spiritually. He is all behind all of this, our success, strength, perseverance and wisdom.  Saturday and Sunday are not only rest day for us, but time to spend it time with our Creator, family and friends. We owe everything to HIM. He is more important than our success.


Nanay 'n' Baby is a new Australian online shop established in 2016. It is a small business selling modern cloth nappies, flats and prefolds, nappy liners, and other baby accessories. Like other nappy online retailers, our aim is to push the advantages of using cloth diapers. We always believe that it is more economical than using disposable diapers.

When I got pregnant in 2016, my husband forced me to resign due to my first trimester condition. It didn't bother me because in the first place Samuel prefers me to be a full time housewife and even if I am not working, I know we can afford. But at the same time, as a wife, I always wanted to help.

When i was making the list of what I need to buy for our baby, the first one on my list is "lampin" it is a tagalog word for "flats diaper". It is the old traditional cloth used by my parents when I was born until poopy training and 2009 when we welcome AG in our lives. You can choose birdseye fabric or cotton. I was expecting not to find "flats" in Australia because most of the time it is only available in 3rd world countries, like my home country and up to know it is still the number 1 preference by my co-Filipinos because it is economical and saves you a lot of money. After research, I came across the word "Modern Cloth Nappy" from google, and that's what I am looking for. Well, it is more modern that what I expected. It has different fabrics, it has a lot of designs too, from prefold, flats, fitted nappies, pocket diapers, all in one, hybrid and comes into different sizes and colors. I'm not even sure if Samuel will like it because they grew up using disposable diapers. Who wanted to dump cloth nappies in the laundry bag and wash them together with their poop? Definitely in the modern world that we live in, nobody wants to do that. After explaining to him on how to use cloth diapers, showing him some youtube videos about cleaning and washing cloth nappies and explaining the advantages and the amount we will be able to save and spend, thank God I was able to convince him. He also realized that he doesn't want his children to always use nappies with a lot of chemicals to avoid from leaking and always stay dry. 

We will always continue to support modern cloth nappies and wanted to encourage everyone to try it.

The brands that we are selling at the moment are all made from Australia, Canada and USA. These are all been tested by us, family and friends. 

Aside from Jesus Christ, we are always thankful to our friends, to the owner and the management of the products that we are selling and to Karen, owner of the Green Mountain Diapers for clarifying to us and allowing us to sell one of her products, despite that it is exclusive only for GDM. Again and again, we give thanks to Jesus Christ, who is always behind all what we have.


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