If the item you like is already out of stock, we are a happy to accept pre-orders without deposit and reserved it for you when the stocks arrived. Kindly send us an email of the item that you like at

Some of our brands are shipped directly from the US, Canada and China and it may take time to reach approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Once the item arrived, we will notify you through email. If you are still interested on purchasing the item we will reserved it for you up to 5 days.

1. Can I pre-order an item that is on SALE?

Yes. Just send us a message at

2. Are there are any deposits required for pre-order and reservations?

There are no deposits required for pre-orders and reservations. 

3. I pre-order an item that is on sale but the item arrived after sales period. Do I have to pay it in a regular retail price? 

No, you will not pay on regular retail price. If you pre-order your item during sales period and it was a sales item but the shipment arrived after the promotion, Nanay 'n' Baby will provide a voucher that you can use to reduce the price. However, take note that it can only be reserved up to 5 days after confirmation that you still want the item. 

4. Can i extend my reservation?

Once your pre-order arrives and after confirmation from you that you still want to purchase the item, we will reserved it for your up to 5 days. Strictly reservation can only be extended up to 10 days only. 

 For further clarifications or other inquiries about Pre-orders and Reservations, please send us an email at


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