At Nanay 'n' Baby we always value our customers and ensure they are always being rewarded regardless how much they pay for. We wanted to ensure they are happy for every purchase they made.  


1. How to join the Rewards Program?

Simply click the Rewards Program that you'll see at the bottom/footer page of our website. Joining the program is free and you don't have to pay anything.

2. How do I earn points?

It is very easy to earn points with Nanay 'n' Baby. This is how it works:

  • Sign up at Nanay 'n' Baby through Rewards Program = 5 points 
  • If you Refer a Friend to purchase at Nanay 'n' Baby = 20 points for every referral
  • Enter your Date of Birth = 25 points once a year
  • Make an order or purchase, $1 = 1 point 
  • Share our website to Facebook = 25 points
  • Share our website on Twitter = 15 points
  • Follow us on instagram = 15 points
  • Like our page at Facebook = 15 points 

3. What rewards can I get from earning points?

Here's what you can get from earning points:

  • 50 points = free shipping (ONLY APPLIES FOR SHIPPING FEE OF $30 & BELOW
  • 250 points = 15% off coupon
  • 300 points = $20 off coupon
  • 500 points = $25 off coupon
  • 700 points = $50 off coupon

4. Can i refund or exchange my items if I use my points?

Please note that you can only exchange an item for the same price or above or we can also give you a credit note if you can't find any item that you like. 

5. How do I check my points?

You may check your points by logging in to your account. 

6. Does my points expire?


7. Can I transfer it?

Rewards Points are not transferable and exclusive for the account holder only.

If you have any further clarifications or issues about Rewards Program, kindly send us an email at




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