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Bambams are a fitted cloth nappy specifically designed to fit every single newborn no matter how small they are! Because they are made from 2 layers of thick and lush bamboo terry, the whole nappy is not only super absorbent but because it doesn't have any snaps or velcro it moulds to fit a newborn perfectly.

Unlike most other newborn nappies they fit for far longer than just a couple of weeks which makes them a lot more economical. Bambams will fit your newborn that is under 4 wks of age. 

WHAT YOUR GETTING: Shell + Bi-fold booster

STYLE: Fitted Newborn Nappy

SIZING:  Premmie to Newborn upto 4 weeks of age or upto 8 kg

CLOSURE:  Snappi or safety pin

  • 90% bamboo
  • 10% cotton terry
  • Bambams are a fitted cloth nappy specifically designed to fit every single newborn no matter how small they are!
  • Bambams close with a snappi giving a much better fit than a snap or touch tape closure. If you aren't a fan of snappi's that's ok, when your baby is young they don't move around very much so you can use the cover to close them.
  • As bambams are fitted nappies they do require a cover, we recommend using one of our PUL Gusseted covers as the perfect combination or any of your newborn PUL covers. A fitted nappy and a gusseted cover will contain anything your baby can throw at it!
  • You will be needing a snappi or safety pin for closure
  • Bamboo takes up to 6 washes to reach full capacity but there's no need to wash them 6 times before use. Either soak them in a bucket overnight then do a regular wash, if you've purchased newborn nappies it's unlikely your baby will out wet them before they reach capacity anyway so if you're impatient just wash once or twice.
  • Dry pail your nappies and wash every 2 days (if your child has acidic wee you may find wet pailing beneficial). Pre-wash in warm water to remove as much urine and bacteria from the nappy as possible.

  • Regular wash in cold-warm water with a full dose of detergent as per the detergent manufacturers recommendations.

  • Final rinse and spin to ensure any residule detergent has been rinsed off. Don't spin over 800 as that causes undue stress on elastics.

  • Line drying with the nappy folded in half to prevent undue stress on the elastics is preferred but if tumble drying, do so on a low setting

  • Don't put this nappy in a hot dryer - it delaminate over time if your continually expose it to high heats and elastic will also perish quicker so if you must use your dryer use it in cold or low.
  • Don't wash this nappy over 60 deg - as with putting the nappy in a hot dryer, washing a nappy in hot water will damage the fabrics and elastic over time. If you are worried about germs being killed never fear the sun is the best germ killer that we have and it's also a great stain remover!
  • Don't use vinegar or home made detergents. These will void your warranty. Vinegar will eat away PUL and Nappies over time and reduce the life of the elastic. Home made detergents can contain anything and as such we do not recommend them at all. Washing powder is a science and specific chemical reactions at specific temperatures are required to ensure the nappies are cleaned properly and that there is no leftover residue. This is not something that can easily be replicated by simply putting a few ingredients together. 
  • Hang them on the line and let the sun go to work.

If you find your product/merchandise is faulty, damaged or any problems you encountered, please call Nanay 'n' Baby and we will be very happy to assist you.

Bubblebubs are Australian owned and manufactured in China and Pakistan


Bubblebubs standard warranty is within 6 months from the date of purchase or from the birth of child. Bubblebubs understand that sometimes you buy nappies well in advance.

Please note that goods must be returned in saleable condition that means unworn, unwashed and free from odour (ie cigarette smoke) and pet hair. Return shipping is your responsibility however if you paid with paypal they do offer a free returns. Please contact Paypal for further information.



Would you like to try a Bubblebubs Candie, Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight or Bubblebubs BamBam but are worried that it might not work for you? Worry no more! If after trying a Bambam, Bamboo Delight or Candie you find for whatever reason that you don't like it simply return it for a full refund! If you purchase a pack we will refund the whole pack no questions asked.

There are conditions of course and they are listed below

  • Offer is limited to 1 used nappy to be returned for refund. If you purchase multiple nappies‚ they may all be returned for refund however only 1 may have been prewashed and/or tried on the others must be unused
  • Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee is available only Bubblebubs Bambams, Bubblebus Bamboo Delights and Bubblebubs Candies.
  • Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee - Bambam: Bubblebubs guarantee that their Bambam fitted nappy will fit your newborn that is under 4wks of age.
  • Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee - Candies & Bamboo Delights: Bubblebubs guarantee that their Candie All-in-2 nappy or Bamboo Delight Fitted Nappy will fit your child as long as they are between 5kgs and 15kgs.
  • The Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee is valid for 2 weeks after the nappy has been despatched. This will give you time to wash and trial the nappy a few times. The assumption is made that the nappy will be tried as soon as it arrives - if you are pregnant and not due to give birth before this guarantee period is up please ensure that you add your EDD at checkout to extend this guarantee‚ if no date is entered in this field or you do not contact us to let us know you need an extension then this guarantee will not be extended past this time.

What it doesn't cover in the warranty?

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For payment and postage, kindly refer to our Payment & Postage Policy and for Return and Exchange kindly read the link at  Returns Policy.

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