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Newborn to toddler, all in one nappy! This is Cushie Tushies' award winning nappy!

Cushie Tushies Chameleon nappies are a One-Size design. This means that the nappy you purchase when your little one is born will see them right through to toilet training. There is no need to buy different sizes as your child grows. Rather, as your baby grows, you simply adjust how far around the front of your baby’s tummy you wrap the wings of the nappy and secure firmly with the snaps.

WHAT YOUR GETTING: The Chameleon nappy comes as a set with one waterproof cover plus two absorbent cloth boosters.

STYLE: OSFM (one size fits most)

SIZING: Cushie Tushies' unique One-Size design fits babies from approximately 3kg to 17kg

CLOSURE:  Snap buttons

  • The Chameleon nappy cover is made from a plush minky fashion outer layer, a hidden waterproof layer of polyurethane laminate (PUL), and an inner lining of low-allergenic stay-dry microfleece.
  • The Chameleon cloth boosters are made from super absorbent bamboo/cotton fleece, topped with a lining of low-allergenic stay-dry microfleece.
  • The Chameleon is Cushie Tushies' Premium Cloth Nappy.
  • The outer layer is a Premium Minky fabric that is lushious, soft and hard wearing and comes in a range of gorgeous prints.
  • The inside layer is a soft water repelling microfleece that keeps your baby feeling soft and dry.
  • The Chameleon also comes with two cloth absorbent boosters made from bamboo and organic cotton. The large booster snaps into the inside front of the cover and has elasticised gussets, which, when combined with the elastic leg holes of the nappy cover, provide double the protection from leaks and poosplosions! The smaller second booster fits on top of the large booster.
  • The nappies last 3-4 hours between changes during the day, whilst the stay-dry lining helps draw the moisture away from baby’s skin.
  • To fit on a newborn (up to approx. 5kg): First, remove the mini booster completely (you will need this later when baby is bigger). Un-snap the large booster and fold the front half under. Fold the nappy up over baby’s tummy and then fold the top front of the nappy out and down. Fasten as normal. The more you fold the front down, the smaller the nappy will become and the tighter the fit around the legs.
  • To fit on a larger baby: Snap the large booster in place, add the mini booster on top, then place baby on top, fold the nappy over baby’s tummy and fasten using snaps.
  • To use at night: Once baby starts sleeping 6 hours or longer, boost the absorbency using a night booster. Lay the folded night booster underneath the snapped-in booster in the nappy.
  • To use when out and about: Use one of our Waterproof nappy bags to transport your Cushie Tushies nappies when out and about.
  • Mess-free flushable liners: Most people love our flushable liners as they make nappy changes really easy! They are very simple to use – lay them on top of the nappy (between the cloth nappy and baby's bottom) and then put the nappy on as usual. Basically, flushable liners catch the mess, which you then flush down the toilet leaving a relatively unsoiled nappy that is easy to wash. 
Do I need to soak?
  • Prior to first use, soak the Bamboo Boosters in plain cold water for 8 hours, then wring gently and dry thoroughly. Wash the Covers seperately in a regular wash with an environmentally friendly laundry detergent. Cushie Tushies recommend a warm gentle wash only (40ºc) as excessive heat will degrade the fabric over time. It is recommended using an environmentally friendly washing detergent, preferably Cushie Tushies' Premium Detergent for Modern Cloth Nappies.

    Modern cloth nappies are easy because they don’t require bleaching, soaking, hot washing, ironing; or any of those mundane and time consuming jobs that make traditional cloth nappies seem like a chore.

    Once used, simply empty the contents of the soiled nappy into the toilet (or you can use a bio-degradable flushable liner for this if you don’t like the mess) and throw
    the nappy in a dry nappy bucket, or straight in the wash. Do not soak as doing so will only spread bacteria.

    For stubborn stains or potent wees, it is a good idea to rinse and ring out the nappy after use, before storing in the bucket ready for washing.

    How do I wash them?

    Wash wet and soiled nappies promptly – we recommend washing within 24 hours of use, to prevent the urine from corroding the fabrics and stains and odors from

    Note: if your baby has particularly acidic (or stinky/concentrated) urine, please rinse your nappies immediately after use and before placing them in the nappy bucket.
    This will help prevent the urine from corroding the fabric.

    Regular wash in plenty of cold or warm water. We recommend cold to 40ºC, but not hotter than 60°C maximum as the heat will degrade the bamboo fabric over time.

    Note: many modern washing machines, particularly front loaders, do not use much water in the regular cycle at all. This is not enough to clean your nappies! The nappies will easily soak up such small volumes of water and there will be none left to clean them! Use the ‘extra water’ setting and try not to cram the machine too full.

    Tadpole Covers - It is recomended to wash Tadpole Covers in a delicates bag in a cold to 40ºC Gentle Wash Cycyle.

    Cushie Tushies do not need sterilizing. Do not use bleach or nappisan, it is not necessary and can damage the waterproof lining. For best washing results, choose either a pre-wash (or rinse) then wash cycle (no soaking!).

    Cold or warm washing and drying your nappies on the line or in a warm dryer, will kill any germs. In addition, the bamboo fabric has its own natural antibacterial properties that will help keep the nappy from going moldy.

    Do not use fabric softener as this will damage the waterproof lining as well as decrease the absorbency of the bamboo fabric.

    What about drying?

    Dry immediately after washing. Cushie Tushies recommend line drying as often as possible. To reduce the strain on the bamboo fabric and the elastic, remove the boosters and hang
    separately. Hang your nappies and boosters directly over the middle so there is an equal weight hanging on each side of the line. Drying with the bamboo side facing up to the sun is faster.

    Using an electric dryer sometimes is ok. Use a warm setting only (not hot) to prevent the bamboo from shrinking or the waterproof lining to blister. Try to dry the absorbent boosters ONLY in the tumble dryer and keep your nappy shells over a clothes horse (to protect the waterproof lining in the outer shell).

    Ensure nappies are very dry and before re-using. If the bamboo fabric is cool to touch, it is not dry. Nappies that are not fully dry before use will not be as absorbent and may leak.

    What detergent should I use?

    Cushie Tushies prefer our own Premium Laundry Detergent, the first detergent of its kind made in Australia specifically for use with modern cloth nappies.

    Otherwise, choose a very plain washing detergent – liquid or powder. Choose one with no whiteners, brighteners, softeners, perfumes or other added enzymes. Use only the amount of detergent as instructed; using extra will build up in the fabrics and reduce absorbency.

    Other detergents Cushie Tushie's recommend are Seventh Generation, Enviro Clean, Eco Store and Earth’s Choice.

    As above, Cushie Tushie is against the use of chlorine/non-chlorine bleaches and fabric softener.

If you find your product/merchandise is faulty, damaged or any problems you encountered, please call Nanay 'n' Baby and we will be very happy to assist you.

Cushie Tushies are 100% Australian owned and manufactured in China


Cushie Tushies warrants our products against defects in materials and manufacturing faults for a period of 12 months* from date of purchase. For goods that are deemed to be faulty Cushie Tushies will either:

1. Replace faulty used products as long as they were purchased new within the last 12 months, or

2. Provide a refund or credit note for unwashed, unused items in original and re-saleable condition, returned within 14 days of purchase.

Cushie Tushies 'require faulty goods to be returned to us along with a completed Returns Form and your proof of purchase, so please keep your receipt.

Please note that Cushie Tushies' can only repair or replace products under warranty if they were purchased new within Australia from an authorised stockist or consultant. If you have a problem with your product please Nanay 'n' Baby direct, or the consultant through whom you purchased the goods by.

The cost of returning an item to Cushie Tushies is the responsibility of the customer**. To ensure your return arrives in good order, you may wish to consider registering your post, as Cushie Tushies cannot be held responsible for any non-deliveries by Australia Post. 

Following our examination process, we will repair or replace the products at our discretion. Faults that are deemed to have occurred as a result of misuse will be returned with suggestions for how to better care for your nappies.

What it doesn't cover?

  • leaking
  • odor issues
  • fit
  • fading
  • staining
  • normal wear and tear

For payment and postage, kindly refer to our Payment & Postage Policy and for Return and Exchange kindly read the link at  Returns Policy.

This video is originally owned by CUSHIE TUSHIES

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